About the ServerlessTalk Podcast

Tracing the stories behind the rise of serverless

Serverless isn’t just about the technology. It’s the narrative of how it's impacting our daily lives as developers and users.

“People argue passionately over the definition of serverless and what technology is and isn’t serverless, but it doesn’t matter what a technology is, only what it does.”

– Ben Kehoe, Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at iRobot, AWS Community Hero.

With this in mind, The ServerlessTalk Podcast is a chance for the developer community to trace the stories behind the rise of serverless.

The people. The challenges. The passion.

Although the show is produced by IOpipe, the goal is to be vendor-agnostic and present a variety of views, so don’t hesitate to reach out (even if you see us as competitor).

About the Host

Erica Windisch is co-founder and CTO of IOpipe where she helps organizations maximize the benefits of serverless applications by minimizing debug time and providing correlation between business intelligence and application metrics.

As an advocate and pioneer of cloud computing since 2001, Erica is always pushing forward as technology and the industry adapt. She was an early contributor to OpenStack and maintainer of the Docker project where she worked on hardening Linux containers and establishing corporate and community security policies.

Erica is a champion of AWS Lambda and serverless technologies—she sees them as an evolution of the developer and business experiences that enable rapid innovation. She speaks frequently at conferences about AWS Lambda and other AWS solutions. She's passionate about systems architecture, security, and the future she sees for machine-automated, low-code development. See IOpipe's serverless app in the AWS Serverless Application Repository.