Marcia Villalba

Cloud architect, Backend Developer and YouTuber at FooBar | AWS Serverless Hero


with Erica Windisch

ServerlessTalk - S02 Episode 1 – Marcia Villalba

S02 Episode 1 - Marcia Villalba

In this episode:

Kicking off season 2 and the relaunch of our ServerlessTalk Podcast, Erica is joined by Marcia Villalba, Cloud Architect and Backend Developer, currently serving as Senior Full-stack Developer at Rovio.

In addition to being an AWS Community Hero and a Serverless Champion, Marcia hosts the Youtube series, FooBar, where she focuses on serverless and other cloud-related technologies.


  1. Introduction of Season 2
  2. Marcia Villalba Interview
  3. How she got started in serverless (2:05)
  4. Building serverless applications with or without Lambda (4:39)
  5. Differences between API Gateway and AppSync (6:12)
  6. Serverless use cases Marcia is currently seeing (9:09)
  7. The good and the bad of serverless (11:28)
  8. The biggest challenges for developers migrating to serverless (15:19)
  9. Hosting ServerlessDays Helsinki (20:00)
  10. Moving from Uruguay to Finland (23:45)
  11. Working for the 3 biggest IT companies in Finland (25:18)
  12. Rates of serverless adoption (28:17)
  13. Feature requests from AWS (37:00)
  14. What’s next for Marcia (39:50)
  15. FaaSt React Q and A (41:19)

FaaSt React Q and A:

Favorite language? Spanish and Javascript

Daily Driver? Mac, Windows or Linux? Mac

Biggest role model? My parents

Gadget you can’t live without? My phone

First computer? 386

Favorite game? The Sims

Favorite thing to do away from a computer? Cooking

Most important technology of 2019? Serverless

Best advice you’ve ever received? Stand up and continue walking.

Episode Music credits:

Intro: Javon Harper, IOpipe Product Engineer – "Joy of the Unknown"

Outro: Maurice Rickard, IOpipe Software Engineer – "To Lie Hidden"